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Cigar smoking is not considered an addiction; it’s a hobby. There’s cigar culture, cigar terminology, cigar best-practices. Cigars deserve respect.

A typical cigar will run anywhere from $2 to $28 per stogie. Needless to say, cigar smoking isn’t a cheap habit to keep up.

We were curious about the most expensive cigars abroad and came up with the following list, and instead of torturing you with the most expensive for last, we did it in reverse:

*The most expensive stogie*

Gurkha Black Dragon, $1,150

This cigar’s price point is more about it’s limited production rather than the exquisite flavor of its smoke or the perfection with which it was rolled. There were only 500 cigar sticks made in entirety. You can own an entire chest (hand-carved, camel bone) of one hundred cigars for the small amount of $115,000.

Cohiba Behike, $470

Also release in limited production, this cigar came out in 2006. One hundred customized humidors with forty cigars in each were released and each costs $18,000. It’s almost as if you can taste your wallet shrinking with every pump of this indulgent stogie.

King of Denmark, $150

The most decadent, most extravagant, most outrageous cigar on this list, the King of Denmark stogie comes wrapped in gold foil that is embossed in the purchaser’s name and is encrusted in Swarovski crystals. Why? Because its amazing. 30 of these cigars are made daily from the extremely rare Regal Blend. You can receive this in a customized Scandinavian humidor with a 24 carrot gold plated and sterling silver crown on top for just $8,500.

Arturo Fuente Opus X “A,” $79

This stogie is a long-y, at 9.2 inches, you better work our your arm flexors to be able to keep this cigar up and smokin! The Arturo is very exclusive, only sold as single cigars, and only in select retail locations and online shops. Good luck getting your smoking hands on one of them.

Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario, $78

This beaut is a memorial to Carlito Fuente’s father, Arturo, and created in 2001, was not release until 2008. The stogie comes in a chest of 90 cigar wrappers for the price of $7,500.